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Lasha Face Portrait
Lasha Face Portrait

Speaking Engagements

Book Lasha Barbosa for Inspirational Speaking Engagements.

Sharing My Journey of Resilience, Art, and Overcoming Challenges.

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Whether you're hosting a corporate event, school assembly, or community gathering, my story of resilience and artistic transformation will leave a lasting impact on your audience. I share personal experiences and insights into overcoming challenges and finding purpose through creativity.

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Speaking Engagements:

From Challenge to Triumph

In 2018, I faced a life-changing challenge when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My journey through recovery led me to discover a profound passion for ink art, blending classical foundations with modern techniques. This is a story of resilience, transformation, and the pursuit of artistic excellence. 

During my post-operative recovery, I was enrolled in art therapy courses to help relearn motor and cognitive functions. This course not only facilitated my physical and mental healing but also ignited my love for art. Through dedication and hard work, I joined the Federation of Canadian Artists - one of the highest standards of Fine Art in Canada - and, I am now an Exhibiting Member

How to Book

To schedule a speaking engagement, please contact me via I look forward to inspiring your audience and sharing my journey.

Book A Unique ASL Experience:

My talks, conducted in American Sign Language, are designed to inspire individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are a student, artist, or someone facing personal challenges, my story of resilience and creativity will leave you empowered to pursue your own passions.  This unique ASL experience, coupled with resilience and inspiration, ensures that your audience will leave feeling they can and will take on the world around them.


"Lasha's story is incredibly inspiring. Her journey overcoming adversity and finding her passion for art (through her art therapy courses after brain surgery) - wow! She has motivated me to pursue my own dreams" - Angela C., Artist

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