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Artful Signs:
A Global Celebration of Creativity and Classical Art Foundations

About the Instructor:

Lasha is an esteemed fine artist and an exhibiting member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, known for her exceptional ink work and dedication to classical art. As a brain tumor survivor and chronic pain sufferer, Lasha brings a unique perspective and resilience to her teaching, ensuring her students receive an unparalleled educational experience. This is not a hobby for Lasha; it is her professional career and passion.

Artful Signs:

A Global Celebration of Creativity and Classical Art Foundations

is a one-of-a-kind classical foundations course that blends traditional art techniques with Lasha's expressive ink work. This course is non-speaking and conducted entirely in American Sign Language, making it a unique and immersive experience. Limited to only three students per semester, this intimate setting allows Lasha to dedicate her full energy and expertise to each student.

Students need to be fluent enough in sign language to follow along as Lasha signs while drawing, though beginners are welcome as a chat option is available for limited clarification.

Application Process:

Due to the highly competitive nature of this course, enrollment is by application only. To apply, download the application form provided on the bottom of this page and email it back following the instructions. Lasha will personally review and discuss all applications with her manager to select the three fortunate students who will benefit from her vast knowledge and creativity.

If you believe you have what it takes to learn from the Master herself, click the link to download the application form below.

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