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HeartSpark Afternoon Tea Fundraiser
HeartSpark Afternoon Tea Fundraiser
Aug 31, 2024, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Pocket Heart Cafe,
10015 Centennial Dr, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 1X8, Canada

HeartSpark Afternoon Tea Fundraiser

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Welcome to the HeartSpark Afternoon Tea Fundraiser, an exclusive event dedicated to supporting the incredible work of HeartSpark, a non-profit organization committed to providing FREE mental health programming, growth opportunities, and a safe space for girls aged 9 - 13 in our community. This intimate gathering will be a beautiful blend of elegance, purpose, and community spirit.

Why We're Hosting This Event:

As a community, we recognize the importance of nurturing the mental and emotional wellbeing of our youth. HeartSpark, founded by the dedicated Holly, has been a beacon of hope and support for young girls, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. By hosting this tea party fundraiser, we aim to raise much needed funds to continue and expand HeartSpark's essential FREE programming accessible to all girls (including non-binary and trans girls) within our community..

Event Details:

This is an exclusive event with only 20 coveted spots available. If you receive an invitation, act quickly to secure your place, as this intimate gathering is designed to ensure a meaningful and engaging experience for all attendees.

Date: August 31st, 2024

Time: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Cost: $60 (per person)

Venue: Pocket Heart Cafe

10015 Centennial Dr, Fort McMurray, AB

What to Expect:

1) Exclusive Artwork Exhibition: Be the first to view a special collection of Lasha's archival ink artworks, unveiled exclusively at the event. Lasha, is our Platinum sponsor for the event, and is renowned for her evocative fine art pieces.

2) Special Guest Speaker: Holly Hashimi, founder of HeartSpark, will share her inspiring journey and the impactful work her organization does.

3) Community Engagement: Join a select group of passionate supporters and community members. Enjoy an afternoon of tea, catered delicacies, and heartfelt conversations.

4) Exclusive Raffles: As part of our tea party fundraiser, we will be featuring a special raffle with exclusive items generously donated by local sponsors around town. This is a unique opportunity to win incredible items and experiences, with all proceeds going directly to support HeartSpark's vital programs. Be prepared to participate in this exciting event and take home some wonderful treasures while making a meaningful contribution to our community.

Our Sponsors

Lasha Barbosa:

Lasha is not only a talented artist but also a dedicated philanthropist. Her commitment to supporting mental health and community initiatives is truly inspiring. Lasha is our Platinum sponsor.

Alicia from Follow the Son Tattoo:

Alicia and her husband, Koop, are owners of Follow the Son Tattoo, and are our Gold sponsors. Koop is known for his exceptional grey works in the tattoo world and both he and Alicia, are know for their significant impact on the community through their artistry and generosity. 

Check out Follow the Son on social media below:

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100% of Proceeds

HeartSpark Logo

Every dollar raised from this event will go directly to HeartSpark, supporting their mission to empower and uplift young girls in our community. Your participation and generosity make a real difference. 


HeartSpark is a volunteer-run organization providing free programming for girls in Wood Buffalo. Individual donations are our main form of funding at this time. 

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How you can help?

There are many different ways we can receive assistance from supportive community members, organizations and those who want to help us continue to provide this life-changing free programming.

1) Donate through EMT to

Please include your name and email address in the Message area of your transfer (HeartSpark Ltd. is a non profit organization and we cannot issue tax receipts)

2) Donate through PayPal to

HeartSpark Ltd. is a non profit organization and we cannot issue tax receipts.

3) Amazon Wishlist:

At HeartSpark we always need items for programming and you can purchase and send it directly to us!

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